Saturday, February 26, 2011

My First Sewing Project!

Thanks to Custom Crops I had the perfect project lined up to be my first on a sewing machine, a Cricut Dust Cover!
 A lifelong friend of my mamas, Jeri who I call my "soulmate" is an avid crafter just as I am. We spend any time we can find working on projects in all avenues of crafting. She is very good at sewing and I've always wanted to learn, so she volunteered to teach me. Here are pics of our steps in making this cover!
I layed my pattern down and pinned it to my adorable Pez fabric. Cut out all the pieces and layed them out.
I gathered both side pieces slightly, and pinned them to the main piece for sewing!
One sleeve down than the second came together perfectly. After a hem along the bottom and some trimming and cleaning up it was done! For the complete pattern and instructions go to

Here it is at home in the grotto!!
Hope you like it!

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