Friday, March 11, 2011

Denver Bronco and Harley Davidson Baby Blankets!

A friend of mine needed some blankets for her new Godson, Harley Davidson and the Denver Broncos were the themes she chose for this sweet baby boy!

Here is the Bronco one folded up and ready to be boxed.
I used Red Heart brand yarn, and the color is soft navy.
The material is an older print I couldnt find antwhere, but luckily a dear friend of mine had some in her fabric reserve!
My chain was 125 stiches and I did 62 rows.

The second Blanket is the exact same size only with different colors and material.

 Finding Harley-Davidson fabric is dang near impossible to find. I ended up buying a sheet set and chopping it up! The yarn is Red Heart brand color black

I hope the baby loves them!!
Hope you like 'em!

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